The EMPERIE consortium as a whole.

EMPERIE incorporates all relevant research fields, including molecular virology, pathology, immunology, mathematical modeling, epidemiology,microbial genomics, public health research and emergency preparedness. The result is a multidisciplinary, balanced consortium consisting of twelve partners:

Institute  Principal Investigators involved
Erasmus MC Prof. dr. Ab Osterhaus, Prof. dr. Ron Fouchier, Prof. dr. Thijs Kuiken
UniversitaetsKlinikum Bonn Prof. dr. Christian Drosten, Dr. Marcus Mueller, Dr. Felix Drexler
Institut Pasteur Prof.dr. Sylvie van der Werf, dr. Noel Tordo
University of Hong Kong Prof.dr. Malik Peiris, Dr. Leo Poon
ViroClinics Biosciences Dr. Bob van Gemen
Academic Medical Center Prof. dr. Menno de Jong, Dr. Lia van der Hoek
Imperial College Prof. dr. Neil Ferguson
University of Cambridge Prof. dr. Derek Smith
Genome Research Ltd Dr. Paul Kellam
University of Oxford Prof.dr. Jeremy Farrar
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas Prof.dr. Luis Enjuanes
Friedrich Loeffler Institut Dr. Martin Beer

EMPERIE will build on the capabilities of the participants, each of which have led the discovery and characterisation of additional new or unidentified infectious agents, identified their routes of transmission, analyzed genetic and phenotypic variation, designed control strategies, and gathered deep epidemiological understanding. Pathogens for which extensive experience at the different levels is available within the consortium include numerous recently emerging pathogens, such as orthomyxoviruses (human epidemic influenza viruses, avian viruses, zoonotic viruses H5N1, H7N7, H9N2), paramyxoviruses (Hendra/Nipah, human metapneumovirus) coronaviruses (SARS, NL63, HKU), flaviviruses (Dengue, West-Nile virus), Alphaviruses (Chikungunya), Bunyavirus (Hantavirus and CCHF virus), and filoviruses (Ebolavirus). Thus, all of the EMPERIE partners have an established track record in the field, and collectively EMPERIE has all the (proven) expertise, know how and resources necessary for the work outlined in this proposal on human, animal and zoonotic infectious diseases. In addition, all the EMPERIE partners have a proven strong track record on intensive and loyal collaboration during international infectious disease crisis situations, which will form a solid basis for similar collaborative actions in the future.

We envisage a multidisciplinary team that combines the world-class expertise of individual research groups that share their specific expertises, technologies, reagents, information to strengthen the surveillance, pathogen identification, modelling and prediction of newly emerging infectious diseases within the team on the whole and beyond, by involving relevant academic, medical, and commercial partners.