Project approach

The mission of EMPERIE is “to contribute to effectively countering the potential public health threat caused by new and emerging infectious diseases in Europe by establishing a powerful network capable of structural and systematic prediction, identification, modelling and surveillance of infectious diseases health threats and pathogens”. In pursuit of this mission, EMPERIE will establish and maintain three integrative platforms:

  1. Virus discovery and sequencing platform: using common tools, procedures, methods and technology to rapidly isolate, identify and characterize (novel) viruses in animal and human samples;
  2. Technology and Knowledge development platform: the development of the virus discovery and sequencing platform, the in-depth study of virus mechanisms in pursuit of novel diagnostics and the development of epidemiological and mathematical models;
  3. Training and Technology exchange platform: the training of network sites linked to EMPERIE in the technologies developed in EMPERIE

For  more information download: EMPERIE in a nutshell